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Write eBay Listings

PaidOnlineWritingJobs United States
Start Date 01/12/2023
Write eBay Listings
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This is an online writing job that requires writing ads for eBay listings. You can apply for these jobs if you are from India.

Businesses that have a wide variety of items on eBay need to hire writers to help them write new sales listings for all their new products each week. As these listings are based on templates, the level of writing skill required is relatively low, making this an ideal entry-level writing job.

Roles: Each week, the business will send you a list of new products with a description and images of the product. You will also be given a template that you can use to create the listings, and you need to take the product description and pictures and use them to fill in the template for the eBay listing ad. You get paid $15 per listing you write.

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