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Do You Need a Rail Industry Worker Card?

Do You Need a Rail Industry Worker Card?

Are you working in the rail industry and need to know if you need a Rail Industry Worker Card (RIW)? This blog post will explain what a RIW Card is, who needs one, and how to get one. 

What Is a RIW Card?

A Rail Industry Worker Card (RIW) is an access card that authorises workers in the rail industry to work on Australia’s national freight and passenger railway networks. The RIW system was developed to raise safety standards across the industry by ensuring that workers are qualified and competent for their roles. All necessary information about the worker is stored on the card, which can be accessed by employers or relevant authorities at any time.  

Who Needs a RIW card?

Any worker who wishes to access or work on any part of Australia’s freight and passenger railway network must have a RIW card. In addition, certain kinds of contractors must also possess a valid RIW—this includes construction workers, surveyors, crane operators, electricians, engineers, etc. If you are unsure whether or not you need a RIW for your role in the rail industry, it is best to consult with your employer directly.                 

If you plan on working in the rail industry in Australia then it is important that you obtain a Rail Industry Worker Card (RIW). The purpose of this card is to ensure that workers are qualified and competent for their roles so that safety standards are raised across the industry. To get started you can register yourself on the RIW website – this website provides all information related to obtaining and using your card along with access to online training courses required prior to application submission if needed. Remember that proof of identity documents like a passport or driver's licence will also be requested during registration so make sure these are prepared beforehand! 

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